Know About Us
When we first set up Infoways, it was with the intent of delivering great value to clients by providing services of the highest calibre. Our humancentric approach to staff augmentation ensured that we offered clients the right resources at the right time and in the right manner.
Besides offering the best services, our goal was to develop long-term relationships with clients based on trust, respect and understanding. As a result, we gathered a long list of clients, built a vast bank of resources, grew our footprint across geographies and established ourselves firmly in the industry.
Active Engagements
Resource Database
Person Years of Management Experience
Cumulative Placements
We abide by values that serve well as the cornerstone of our success. Each of these values shows up in the way we conduct business, interact with customers and, above all, retain them.

We employ the team member to team member approach where our success has been built on the on-on-one model. We do not rely on electronic communications, but on a direct and humanistic connection and interaction that places people at the centre of our business and yours.
We are committed to our customers and employ a team-on-team approach to fully understand their needs, preferences, and processes. Being so entrenched in our customers’ business, we deploy full validation, quality, creativity, performance, and client engagement checks, with our refined and secure resources network.
We are open, clear-cut, and truthful with our partners, clients, and personnel. The result is relations built on trust and communication that is honest. Not surprisingly, we have client partnerships that are going strong for decades.
We see ourselves as an extension of our client’s team and work in tandem with them, absorbing their processes, best practices, and methodologies so as to completely understand their requirements and provide the most ideal solution.


Straight and Honest Talk
Seek to understand first. Foster open communication. Tell the truth.
Transparency and Results
Focus on providing highest quality consulting services. Real value is achieved when business results are delivered.
Treat Everyone with Respect
Acknowledge all stakeholders. Recognize all contributions. Share success.
Be Accountable
Walk the talk. Keep commitments.